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Guild hall
Jun 15, 09 7:42 PM
Order of the White Bear Has a New Address!
May 24, 09 5:47 PM
May 22, 09 3:38 PM
May 22, 09 8:51 AM
Welcome to the Order of the White Bear Website!

I ask you all to forgive the looks of our new Bear caves, but we are in the prossess of reforning and updating this old web sight
I know this sight is filled with old posts from days gone my by members that are no longer here or active but they will soon be removed/ replaced.

Even thou we are small again, we have big dreams... And with these big dream we will need your help in helping us set our sights on where we are planing to go and how we are going to get there.

   We are a guild with a fine past and past work here will never be forgotten, but we are a new guild and will work off or some of our past as we work for tommow

Thank you Tekah leader of the White Bear

Guild hall

archmagebob, Jun 15, 09 7:42 PM.
We Here at the Order of the White Bears are Proud to Announce That On June 14Th we bought Our guild hall! Its a Tier1 in North Qeynos, the Building between the Claymore statue and the castle Step

   We have put in it so far a "call to guild Hall beacon" its the finny looking statue in the middle of the first room. Click on it and attune your self to it and you will get the spell call to guild hall. , We alsohave a mail box, all the crafting tables for crafting and a guild harvast box.
   Sence we now have the guild Harvasting box we ask any harvasted supplies for crafting you have to donate to the guild please place in this box. We also put all the guild harvasting supplies out of bank #1 into this box aswell.
This box is a great then sence any member crafting in the guild hall will be able to craft and if the box have the needed supples in it you get to craft with it (you dont even need to waste the room in your oun bags you craft right out of this box.
   We are looking to get more stuff for the guilds use as well but we ask members to please donate any status points and coin to the guild hall they could spare to help us. Remember all donations will buy stuff for the hall and useable by all members.


Order of the White Bear Has a New Address!

System, May 24, 09 5:47 PM.
Order of the White Bear has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!


archmagebob, May 22, 09 3:38 PM.
As all ready stated We are a old guild with new leadership, goals and ideas.
At this time im removing a lot of the old messages in the forums, puting in new topics into the voteing area (like where we should have our guild hall when the time comes. and ideas for new Guild rules, Recruiting ginformation, Guild charter  and other such info. At this time the rules to the left in the INFORATION BOX are from the old guild and do not apply to the new guild. However we will reveiw them and take keep what we feel would be worth while.


archmagebob, May 22, 09 8:51 AM.
We have a lot of new news...This week

First We have Brought into out ranks Crashbang as a officer and recruter. and as the name states he is doing a crashbage of a job recruting!
   ---> Welcome crashbang and new recrutes!<---

I have tracked down arelia last night in the game to get supper adm access to this, our web page he is staying on the adm stuff to help with web questions and possable maintanace for a while...

I have started weeding out the roster. not booting many members yet untill we can get out active member numbers up but droping the ranks of the inactive members and officers alike.

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